Monday, October 20, 2008

open pantry part 2

Date: 18 Oct 2008
Time: 3pm-11pm
Vanue: Pantry PRISMA
VIP Guest:
Mr Fazil (a.k.a Joe)
Mr Kamarizal
Mrs Ummi :)
Ms Sera
Mr Fazrul
Ms Rofadiah (a.k.a Noni)
Mrs Azza
Ms Faiz
Mr Fitri
Ms Hawa
(the last two bole dikategorikan sbg VVIP :p)
So, enjoy the pic :D

the food

my pot luck

sponsored by: Noni & Fais

air tangan Kak Su :)

made by: Azza

Cocktail from Kama

makan time!!

Pas makan ade sesi fotografi plak :p

From left: a.k.u, emmy, azza, kak su, fais, noni, sera, fazrul, kama, joe n fitri

candid moment

outdoor session

indoor session

0 chocolate bar left:

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